Sex Sells: Real Estate Agents Use Sex To Secure Deals

By Staff Reporter | August 9, 2012 3:22 PM EDT

Real Estate Agents Could Look Like This

Miss Hancock from WCW (Photo: wikipedia)

It's a scene straight out of a movie: a female real estate agent invites a wealthy homeowner--one who is looking to sell his home--to a "party". But when he arrives, the real estate agent is the only person there. Things happen. Next thing you know, the real estate agent has exclusive deal with homeowner to manage the sale of his home.

According to an expose by the New York Observer, this really happens--regularly. Here's the actual account from the Observer:

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One female broker I know would lure her victims, also referred to as "sellers," to her house in the Hamptons under the guise of a weekend with some powerful investors. Once there, they would find out that they and this broker were the only two who showed up. Using her feminine wiles and various body parts, depending on how large the deal was, she would get him to sign her up as the exclusive agent, and, voila, the assignment was hers.

The stories get more ridiculous. According to the writer of the piece--who is a real estate veteran of over 25 years--a male real estate agent would target older clients--female or male--by stripping in the middle of a meeting. 

And, of course, outside of sex, there are the usual bribes and corrupt dealings:

I can't neglect to mention the broker who would wine and dine a competitor's employees in exchange for passwords and access to their databases. I once had an assistant who was bribed by another agent for a copy of my client list. 

Really, all that's missing is murder and this would be a Quentin Taratino movie. Do you believe this? Readers are divided, judging by the comments. 

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