Occupy Wall Street 2013: Will the Movement Return?

By Staff Reporter | November 24, 2012 4:02 PM EST

After a quiet August, Occupy Wall Street -- the worldwide movement that is partly inspired by the real estate market -- is coming back for fall. 

In Union Square in New York City, a giant fist, with "OWS September 13" can be seen drawn in chalk. On message boards and social media, the message has begun to spread: OWS is returning on September 13. 

In Hong Kong, the largest OWS movement to date -- only it's called Occupy Central in Hong Kong -- took place this past week.  Hundreds of protestors gathered outside the HSBC bank in Central last Thursday for an official Occupy Central movement. Hong Kong citizens have been lamenting against the growing wealth divide and the unaffordable prices of property -- which keeps going up. 

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Some of the blame for rising property prices in Hong Kong has been placed on Mainland Chinese buyers, who jack up prices with bidding wars. Tensions between Hongkongers and Mainland Chinese have been high this year, with a series of controversy erupting. 

On Sunday, over 1,000 Hongkongers showed up, clad in black, to protest the Hong Kong government's plans to require schools to teach courses in contemporary Chinese history--a heavily fictionized course that's basically Chinese propaganda pushed forth by Beijing. These protestors are there to protest that plan, but also were part of Occupy Central.

It is unknown as of now what the New York branch of OWS plan to do on September 13, but the action has been planned and the NYPD are on alert. In Hong Kong, OC protestors will continue to wear black as a sign of solidarity. 

The Hong Kong Occupiers are just as sttuborn as the NY counterparts. 

More than a dozen of them sat on couches and chairs surrounded by bookshelves, tents and wooden boards, one pinned with a sign that said "here to stay."

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