Mischa Barton's Sober Coaches Upset, Actress Renting Beverly Hills Home: Is She Hurting For Cash? [PHOTOS]

By Beth Roeser | February 26, 2013 5:35 PM EST

Mischa Barton is looking for someone to rent her sprawling Beverly Hills home for a mere $35,000 per month after failing to find a buyer. Whoa! Could this have anything to do with the sober coaches claiming the troubled actress owes them $90K?

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Mischa Barton's sober coaches sued the actress for $95,000 back in 2011, but the actress failed to appear in court to settle the issue. The judge issued a default judgment, putting the actress down for a cool $90,000. That's a lot of cash for an actress who hasn't exactly been blowing up at the box office since the mid-2000s. Barton's lawyers are currently fighting the default judgment, claiming that it was her mother who hired the sober coaches and that she should be the one to foot the bill. It is unknown what substances these professionals were tasked with keeping the actress off of, but for $90K, it probably wasn't caffeine.

[Click to see photos of Mischa Barton's $8.7 million dollar Beverly Hills home!]

Best known known for her role on the teen drama series "The OC," Mischa Barton has been in and out of the news for a variety of reasons, including a 2007 arrest for driving under the influence and possession of marijuana and an incident in 2009 that ended with her under psychiatric supervision. This isn't the first time personal and real estate problems have come together for Barton, either: in 2010 she was sued by her New York landlord for three months of missed rent to the sum of $21,000. Ouch.

Mischa Barton's 2007 mugshot. The actress's bad girl days are coming back to haunt her.
Mischa Barton's 2007 mugshot. The actress's bad girl days are coming back to haunt her.

So, is Barton's Beverly Hills home worth $35,000 a month? The 7,607 square foot Mediterranean-style home boasts eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms along with all of the usual luxury amenities of the rich and famous: swimming pool, spa, gourmet kitchen and numerous terraces with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills. Maybe Barton should ask her sober coaches if they'd accept a summer vacation in this lush pad in lieu of that $90,000 payment!

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