Kordell Stewart Divorce: Prenup Gives Porsha Williams Nothing; Will She Lose Atlanta Home? [VIDEO & REPORT]

By Staff Reporter | March 27, 2013 1:17 PM EDT


Kordell Stewart's divorce filings state that Porscha Williams won't get a dime of his assets. (Photo: Getty Images)
Kordell Stewart's divorce filings state that Porscha Williams won't get a dime of his assets. (Photo: Getty Images)

UPDATE 4/23/13: Porsha Calls Marriage 'A Failure,' Cries On Good Morning America

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Kordell Stewart's divorce from Porsha Williams spells disaster for the Real Housewives of Atlanta Star, who was reportedly blindsided by the news that her husband was filing for a split. Not only did Porsha have to learn of Kordell Stewart's divorce plans through a website, but it looks as though she's not going get a dime in the divorce.

"[She's] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself," Kordell Stewart's divorce documents state firmly. Stewart also says that there are no marital assets subject to division. What kind of prenuptial agreement did this Real Housewife sign?

If the former NFL quarterback and current sports analyst is keeping all of his assets, we wonder what's going to happen to the gorgeous Atlanta home the couple once shared. The two-story home was featured in Bravo TV's RHOA House Tours. In the video, Porsha explains that she designed the swanky abode after the St. Regis Hotel, where she married Stewart.


The extravagant home features vaulted ceilings, French doors, an eat-in kitchen, lush décor and plenty of glamorous furniture. But it's the personal touches that make this tour so interesting in the wake of Kordell Stewart divorce filings: The house is filled with photos of Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart, along with a framed copy of their marriage license a foyer.

Let's just ponder that for a moment. Who keeps a framed copy of their marriage license in the foyer? What is the significance of that? Is it meant to warn off female guests who might have scandalous plans in mind? Or is it meant to keep Kordell Stewart in line?

Kordell Stewart's divorce filing is likely just the beginning of this saga. We expect to hear more about Porsha Williams' Atlanta home as the story develops.

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