Home Decor Mirrors: Mirrors Inspired By ABC's 'Once Upon A Time" Show From West Elm and Ikea!


In ABC's Once Upon A Time, the sensationally wicked Queen Regina Mills suffers not from lack of style. As she plots and ploys her revenge against Snow White and the residents of Storybrooke, we couldn't help but admire her wardrobe, her chic black and white office and, of course, the magical mirror.

We shopped West Elm and Ikea to find chic mirrors that invoke the cool glamour of Queen Regina, bringing a fantastical touch to any space. While they may not actually be enchanted, these mirrors from West Elm and Ikea are sure to please even "the fairest one of them all." 

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For instance, we couldn't help but notice this exquisite "Antique Tiled Wall Mirror" from West Elm with its vintage feel, glass tiles and antiqued bronze finish. Perhaps Regina brought over something similar from her palace in Fairytale Land?

We also adored this Oval Black Mirror from Ikea. We can see a fierce Regina in her queenly wardrobe planning out her next move. And for us in the non-magical world, this mirror's elegant and intricate designs will add a touch of decadence to any room for $39.99!

And we couldn't help but think about Jefferson aka "The Mad Hatter" jumping through worlds in this Stave Mirror, also from Ikea.

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Check out the slideshow above to see what other mirrors we chose as an homage to the Once Upon A Time style!