James Franco and Seth Rogen Party At Franco's House In 'This Is The End!' [VIDEO, PHOTOS & REPORT]

By Marianne De Padua | April 2, 2013 4:26 PM EDT

James Franco can be seen partying with Seth Rogan in their new movie 'This Is The End.' The flick hits theaters on June 14. (Photo: Getty Images)
James Franco can be seen partying with Seth Rogan in their new movie 'This Is The End.' The flick hits theaters on June 14. (Photo: Getty Images)

Whether we'd like to admit it or not, partying with James Franco and Seth Rogan at Franco's house in This Is The End is exactly how we want to live out those last precious moments on earth before the apocalypse ensues.

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No one watching the movie would mind hanging out at Franco's house with the likes of Rihanna, Seth Rogan and all of our favorite Hollywood celebs before the end of the world, right?

Let's also forget for a micro-minute that in This Is the End we see some of our favorite actors, actresses and comedians die at Franco's house. After all, Rihanna's fans will surely cry a little once Chris Brown's girlfriend falls into a death pit. And who wouldn't cringe (but guiltily laugh) over Arrested Development star Michael Cera's death as he's punctured by a pole. And fans of How I Met Your Mother may die inside when Jason Segel, who plays Marshall on the sitcom, meets his death in the same giant hole that swallows Rihanna in front of Franco's house (and no, the hole isn't part of the recent sinkhole phenomenon).

Emma Watson also makes a cameo in This Is The End, manhandling Seth Rogan with an axe and threatening Franco and crew with her eloquent British accent.

No, we can't bear to think of these talented stars meeting their deaths in This Is the End, even as we laugh uncontrollably during the red band trailer below.

Apocalypse aside, is it really that far-fetched to believe James Franco would cause that kind of ruckus in real life as he does in This Is The End?

In reality, James Franco's neighbors probably wouldn't be keen on the star-studded party on top of their other complaints about the star.

Last week, iRealty Times reported that Franco's neighbors had complained about the actor's activities in his home, which they have come to believe he may not actually live in. Because of the alleged production crew staking out at Franco's home, large amounts of trash are also being blown onto their properties.

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This Is The End's James Franco isn't the only celebrity in hot water with his neighbors.

Last week, Justin Bieber made headlines after a confrontation with his neighbor that could result in charges against the "Boyfriend" singer accused of "battery and threats," said iRealty Times.

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Then there's Twilight star Ashley Greene, who isn't so much in hot water as she was on fire. Ashley Greene's condo fire resulted in the death of one of her beloved dogs and neighbors claimed that the actress is a nightmare tenant, who has frequently housed visitors at all hours of the night.

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It seems neighbors of Hollywood's stars may find that the party scene at Franco's house in This Is The End is art imitating life.

Check out the red band trailer for This Is The End, which is out on June 14. Warning: This trailer is NSFW! 

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