Kordell Stewart Divorce: Porsha Williams Still In House And NFL Ex Won't Leave; So Who Will Get The Atlanta Mansion? [VIDEO, PHOTOS & REPORT]

UPDATE 4/23/13: Porsha Calls Marriage 'A Failure,' Cries On Good Morning America

When Porsha Stewart was 'blindsided' by Kordell Stewart's divorce filings, she probably didn't think things could get any worse. She was wrong.

The Kordell Stewart divorce quickly turned into an ugly mess, with the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her former NFL quarterback husband firing shots back and forth through their lawyers. Now a source says Porsha has taken off her wedding ring and is "horrified" by Kordell's behavior.

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"When he filed for divorce, she found out about it online," the source said. "So she kept her wedding ring on out of shock at first, then in hopes they could still work it out. But she's finally realized Kordell is not the man she thought he was. The way he's handled this entire situation - both personally and in the press - has horrified her. She thinks he's a dog."

Whichever side you're on, there's no doubt about it: This is one ugly split.

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Where did these two go wrong? Let's go back to the beginning.

Kordell Stewart and Porsha Williams were wed on May 21, 2011. Porsha, the granddaughter of civil rights leader Hosea Williams, and Kordell, a former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, were married in a lavish nighttime ceremony at the St. Regis in Atlanta, Georgia. The wedding was planned and designed by Tiffany Nieves-Cook and featured on WE TV's Platinum Weddings.

The video of the happy wedding is a sobering reminder that good beginnings don't always promise happy endings.

Kordell and Porsha Stewart moved into a mansion in the uptown Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia. Home to the ninth-wealthiest zip code in the US, Buckhead contains Atlanta's richest neighborhoods and the Georgia Governor's Mansion. The real estate market in Buckhead is the most expensive in Georgia, with an average home value of approximately $761,000 in 2005.

SEE PHOTOS of Porsha and Kordell Stewart's Atlanta mansion!

Kordell and Porsha Stewart's Atlanta mansion seemed to stand as a symbol of their relationship. Porsha designed the home after the St. Regis Hotel where they were married, and kept a copy of the marriage license in the foyer.


But on March 22 2013, just two months shy of the couple's second anniversary, Kordell Stewart filed for divorce. Claiming the marriage was irretrievably broken and that the two were currently separated, Kordell dropped a bomb when he said that he does not intent to pay Porsha a dime in spousal support.

"[She's] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself," Kordell said in the filing, adding that there were no marital assets subject to division.

Porsha disagreed. In her official response to Stewart's divorce documents, she Real Housewife argued that she had given up her life to take care of Kordell's son Syre, putting her own career on hold. In fact, the Real Housewives of Atlanta series documented this side of the Stewart marriage drama, with Kordell telling Porsha that she could have children or her charity work -- but not both.

In Porsha's divorce response, she demanded alimony from Stewart along with exclusive use of the Atlanta mansion.

Porsha's rep revealed to TMZ that problems had indeed been brewing between the two, but that Porsha had held off on filing for divorce because Kordell was promising to work on the marriage.

But the drama was just beginning.

Kordell Stewart filed new documents claiming that Porsha stays out all night partying, then calls the police to come and let her into the Atlanta mansion -- the implication being that Kordell has been locking her out.

But Kordell claims that he only locks the house at night for security purposes, and that Porsha has a key anyway. He says the problem is that Porsha often leaves home for several nights in a row, then comes back in the wee hours of the morning reeking of alcohol.

To top it off, Kordell says Porsha's partying is causing her to neglect her responsibilities -- like caring for her stepson.

Though it may seem strange that Porsha and Kordell are still living together in the Atlanta mansion, it could be a savvy move on her point. If she were to leave the house, there's a chance she could be accused of abandoning the home in divorce court -- which could work against her in the proceedings.

What happens next? We'll be watching this one closely. We expect a response from Porsha regarding Kordell's latest accusations, and we definitely want to know what's going to happen with that house!