Trump Golf Course Dubai: Will New Middle East Project Fix Donald's Scotland Problems? Details On Trump's UAE Plans [PHOTOS & REPORT]


Donald Trump is planning a new golf course in Dubai, according to reports. The real estate mogul and Twitter personality intends to expand his golfing empire to the Middle East, with the Trump International Golf Club at the center of a wide-ranging project that will include a luxury residential community, hotels, spa and international schools.

Trump's new Dubai golf course project is being developed by DAMAC Properties. The project will cover some 28 million square feet and is being developed for property purchased from Dubailand, an ultra-hyped project that once was to include another high profile golfing gem: Tiger Woods' $1 billion golf estate. The Woods project was suspended, however, due to the economic downturn.

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News of Trump's Dubai golf course fans follows his latest misadventure in Scotland, where U.K. officials banned an ad Trump put out in local newspapers blasting the First Minister of Scotland for approving an offshore wind farm that Trump claimed would decimate tourism in the region.

Trump's opposition to the wind farm plans is rooted in his belief that the farm will hamper the view from Trump International Golf Club Scotland (TIGS).

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Britain's Advertising Standards Agency ruled that Trump's ad's claims were unsubstantiated and that its use of an image of a California wind farm over a crowded freeway was "misleading." The ASA told Trump "not to make claims unless they could be substantiated with robust evidence and not to use misleading imagery."

Will Trump's Dubai golf course run more smoothly than TIGS? The loudmouthed tycoon's dealings in Scotland have been plagued by opposition from the locals. Trump's conflicts with the people of Scotland were dramatic enough to form the subject of a BBC documentary, You've Been Trumped, which followed the local community's opposition to the construction of TIGS.

Trump's plans for Scotland initially involved building two golf courses, a multilevel home, and 15,000 homes in the area, but none have come to fruition aside from Trump International Golf Club Scotland.

Dubai could serve up greener pastures for the Donald. The area seems to be just a teensy-weensy bit more welcoming to big, flashy projects than rural Scotland is. Go figure.